Certified classes for DWI, Drug, and Tobacco offenses. 
Meets Probation, Parole, DPS, and Employment requirements.
We are Texas DPS Approved and Licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)
We will begin to alternate in-person and online classes beginning in May 2021!
Classes are only held once per month so don't put it off. 
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DWI Education
(1st Offense)
12 Hours

TDLR approved 12 Hour DWI Education Class  for 1st time DWI convictions

Drug Offender Education (TDOEP) 
15 Hours

TDLR approved 15 Hour Drug Offender Education Program

DWI Intervention
Repeat Offender
32 Hours

TDLR approved DWI Intervention Program for Repeat DWI Offenses

Youth Tobacco
Awareness 8 Hours

DSHS Approved 8 Hour Texas Youth Tobacco Awarness Program